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Electric Pallet Lift

CUBLiFT:  Your Best Hand Pallet Truck m Manufacturer in China since 1999

Electric Pallet Lift

CUBLiFT Helps you to lift single-faced pallets or skids with ease

  • Lift to 63” high and lift capacity up to 2,000 lbs
  • Perfect economical alternative to the DC powered lift stacker
  • a padded pull-down foot lever helps control the pallet lift in a simple way
  • 2* 12-volt, 70/100 Ah rechargeable batteries with built-in charger
  • 54″ turning radius + 180° steering arc offers the most flexibility
  • Drive: 700-watt drive motor, 2,000-watt lift motor

CUBLiFT electric pallet lifts power your way through a whole day’s heavy-duty load lifting.

High Lift Electric Pallet Lift BMX2 Series
  • Model: BMX2
  • Capacity: 1 ton/1.5 ton
  • Lifting height: 800 mm
  • Fork overall length: 1150 mm
  • Fork overall width: 540mm/685mm
  • Height Min: 85mm
  • Weight: 130Kg
Scissor Lift Electric Pallet Lift BMX2 Series
  • Model: BMX
  • Capacity: 1 ton/1.5 ton
  • Lifting height: 800 mm
  • Fork overall length: 1150 mm
  • Fork overall width: 540mm/685mm
  • Height Min: 85mm
  • Weight: 181 Kg
Scissor Lift Electric Pallet Lift CCD AUTO Series
  • Model: BMXCCD
  • Capacity: 1 ton/1.5 ton
  • Lifting height: 800 mm
  • Fork overall length: 1150 mm
  • Fork overall width: 540mm/685mm
  • Height Min: 85mm
  • Weight: 188Kg
Semi-electric Pallet Lift Series

● Model: LM-DC
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000/1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 320~680
● Voltage Capacity: 12V / 120AH

Electric Pallet Lift Walkie Series

● Model LE1(walkie)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000
● Fork overall width (mm):560/680
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm):1480
● Voltage/ Capacity :2X12V / 85AH

Walkie Rider straddle Electric Pallet Lift Series

● Model:LE2 (walkie rider-straddle)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH

Reach Electric Pallet Lift Series

● Model: LER (reach)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Reach out(mm):500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1070
● Fork overall width (mm): 670
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 200
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 150AH

Drum Electric Pallet Lift Series

Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520
Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
Fork width(mm): 640/800
Weight(kg): 340/400
Tilting: Manual/Electric
Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Electric Counterbalanced Pallet lift Series

● Model: LEC4 (4 Wheels)
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 920/1070
● Fork overall width (mm): 210~930
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/500AH

Musilala: Your Premier Electric Pallet Lift Manufacturer in China

 CUBLiFT offers you the best and efficient electric pallet lift you can get in the market. Our electric pallet lift has no equal and is very pocket-friendly. We are your “go-to” place for all forms of electric pallet lift.

Electric Pallet Lift QC icon9 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon8 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon6 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon4 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon3 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon2 Electric Pallet Lift QC icon (6)

Electric Pallet Lift DESC (30) forklift DESC (13)CUBLiFT’s electric pallet lift is suitable for every intensive and light operation in your workplace. The pallet jacks are reliable, energy-efficient, and gives you the best performance. Our electric pallet lift supports a load capacity of up to 5000kg. It is designed with ergonomic features to help you reduce any form of operator discomfort. You can carry out transportation and horizontal lifting of loads using the electric pallet lift. It is simple and easy for you to operate with its fingertip, push-button controls.Electric Pallet Lift DESC (30)

CUPLiFT’s electric pallet lift is made from high-strength steel. It means the fork will not bend when you use it unless you exceed the recommended load capacity. When you operate it, the fork of the fork will take a maximum of 12 seconds to attain full height. The electric pallet lift’s power comes from a twelve-volt battery with a battery charging kit for you.

You can conduct all the heavy-duty lifting all day with your CUPLiFT’s electric pallet lift, then charge it overnight. The electric pallet lift comes in handy when the work will easily fatigue your workers with manual options. You can use the electric pallet lift when lifting pallets to high shelving areas, which cannot be done manually. The electric pallet lift manufactured by CUPLiFT comes with a one-year pump warranty when you make a purchase.

The low battery protection setting of the electric pallet lift prolongs the battery use time for you. Its combined balanced wheels and the steady driving system prevent the truck from rocking side-to-side when you are using it. The electric pallet lift comes with spring-loaded castors, which improve the lateral stability when you use it on uneven floors. You can get the CUPLiFT’s electric pallet lift today and start enjoying an efficient and effective workplace.

As a 15+ experienced pallet jack manufacturer, CUBLiFT is ready to offer any assistant we can, to support your material handling turnover.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Electric Pallet Lift: Your Definitive FAQ Guide

Having a good knowledge of your electric pallet lift is essential for optimal performance in your workplace. That is the reason we have compiled these definitive FAQ guides for you. You cannot get the best out of what you know nothing about. Therefore, it is advisable that you thoroughly go through this FAQ guide.

What is an electric pallet lift?

It is a piece of equipment you can use to move pallets or palletized products from one area to another.

What is an electric pallet lift?

You can use it in your warehouse, manufacturing plants, or even your storage facility.

Electric pallet lift is one of the most common and essential pieces of equipment in the material handling industry.

Electric pallet lift is also known as powered pallet jacks, electric pallet trucks, walkies, single or double-pallet jacks.

What is the cost of an electric pallet lift?

Electric pallets jack comes in different sizes and models.

Therefore, the price range differs depending on the electric pallet lift model or size that you want.

You can get an electric pallet jack for as high as $5000, and there are some models you can buy for as low as $1000.

When you know your budget, it will be much easier for you to know the best electric pallet jack to go for.

All the different models can get the job done perfectly well for you.

If you can only afford the $1000 model, then go for it.

What is the best electric pallet in the market?

The best electric pallet lifts are always highly maneuverable and have up to 4500 LBS carrying capacity.

There are many of them that you can get in the market, provided you know where to look.

The best have up to 24-volt electrical system, AC drive motor, with an optional integrated fork scale.

They also come with a regenerative braking system with a transistor drive control system.

It is not uncommon to see pallet lift owners use it for up to ten years with little or no breakdown along the line.

When you want to purchase an electrical pallet lift, always go for the best so that you enjoy optimal performance.

How do you choose an electric pallet lift?

There are several factors you need to keep in mind in order to choose the right electric pallet lift:

  • It would be best if you put into consideration the working environment, indoors or outdoors.
  • You must note the limitations imposed by the dimensions, height, and accessibility of the product.
  • You need to know the maximum load it can carry.
  • Know the lifting height and the height of the lowered forks
  • You can go for a stainless steel electric pallet lift if the work to be carried out is in a corrosive or hygienic environment.
  • Is it the right equipment for your application?

Why choose an electric pallet lift?

The electric pallet lift covers more intensive handling applications and longer distances, unlike the hand pallet lift.

The lift moves using an electric traction motor, which is operated from the drawbar.

Electric pallet lift lifts with the help of a hydraulic pump driven by the electric motor.

Therefore, the entire pallet lift is wholly motorized, and there is no physical effort required from you as the operator.

The ergonomic body means that it is less risky for the operator.

You have a wide for various loads to lift, and you gain a lot in productivity.

How can you calculate the dimensions of an electric pallet lift?

You will have to define the required capacity of your electric pallet lift in kilogram.

You need to note that electric pallet lifts offer a lower maximum load capacity than their manual counterpart.

It is also important that you take the lifting height into account, but the average height is 200mm.

If you need to lift the load higher, you should go for a high lift pallet truck, up to 1m.

You must also know the dimensions of the load, like its length, width, and, if possible, the height.

Knowing the above will help you to determine the length of the forks that you need.

If you go for long forks, note that the lifting height of the pallet lift decreases.

What is the best wheel or rollers for an electric pallet lift?

Every pallet lift has two types of wheel or rollers; the smaller ones under the forks and a large one under the drawbar.

The smaller wheels’ diameter is about 7.5cm maximum so that you can easily slide them under the pallet.

The larger serves as the guide and has an average diameter of 18-20.5cm, and it rotates to enable you to maneuver the machine.

You can go to hubs that are either made of plastic, steel, or aluminum.

If you have a level floor, you can go for simple rollers or wheels.

There are different materials you can use for your hub covering:

  • You can use rubber because it is low in noise, has a good grip, and leaves traces on the ground.
  • The powertrain is also very low in noise, lasts longer than the rubber, and doesn’t leave marks on the ground.
  • The nylon is noisier with a low crushing rate and is suited for heavy loads on flat on hard surfaces.
  • Polyurethane is low noise and suitable for moderate loads, and it leaves marks on the floor.

What is the best type of forks to use?

Generally, the length of the forks you can find on electric pallet lifts is 1,150 mm, and they are adapted to the standard dimensions of pallets.

Figure 2

If you are handling small pallets, then you can opt for the short fork models (between 600mm and 1000 mm).

The major advantage of these short models is that they take up less space and are easier to store.

For longer loads, you can go for long-fork pallet lifts ranging from 1,300mm to 3,000 mm.

It all boils down to the length of loads you want to lift.

What is the best operating position for you?

Several positions are possible for you as an operator or your operators as the case may be:

  • Walk behind the pallet lift: As the operator, you can stand and walk while pulling or pushing the pallet truck.
  • Platform pallet lift: The electric pallet lift is equipped with a platform that serves as the driver’s station.

The driver needs to stand in an upright position while operating the electric pallet lift.

  • Seated pallet lift: The pallet lift comes with an integrated seat that is either facing the forks or to the side.

You should watch this video:

What are the things you can lift with an electric pallet lift?

You need to note that electric pallet lifts can lift loads that are slightly less than what you can lift with a manual pallet lift.

On average, you can lift up to 1.5 tonnes with an electric pallet lift.

It means that you can only lift or move light-duty machinery and equipment around the warehouse with ease.

You must abstain from using the electric pallet lifts to carry loads that are more than 1.5 tonnes.

Doing so will help prolong the shelf life of the machinery and help you save money.

How much weight can an electric pallet lift sustain?

A pallet lift’s load capacity is arguably the essential factor that you should consider before making your purchase.

There are different capacities for different models of electric pallet lift.

The capacities can range from anywhere between 4500 lbs and 5500 lbs, although some industrial models are designed to lift more than that.

On average, an electric pallet lift weighs approximately 1,000 pounds (453 kilogram).

Electric pallet lifts typically lift up to 1.5 tonnes of weight; therefore, it is ideal for moving light-duty machinery and equipment.

How does an electric pallet lift work?

The electric pallet lift is steered by a tiller-like lever that also functions as the pump handle for raiding the lift.

Once you raise the hydraulic jack at the “tiller” end, the links will force the wheels down.

The wheels are immediately down; it will raise the forks vertically above the front wheels, thereby lifting the load above the ground until it leaves the floor.

How do you fix an electric pallet lift?

There are many ways for you to fix your electric pallet lift if it is not functioning correctly.

  • Trapped air is the most common issue that prevents your forks from lifting, and you can try to remove the trapped air by pumping the handle of the equipment.
  • You can also try to replace the O-ring to restore the hydraulic fluid pressure.
  • Drain all the fluid in the hydraulic system by loosening the screw covering the cover over the reservoir with an Allen wrench.
  • You can also remove the lower lever using a Philips head screwdriver and a hammer to loosen the pin.
  • You can also use pliers to grab the end of the valve cartridge and then pull out the old O-ring.
  • Fill the pallet lift with hydraulic fluid to see if it lifts or operates appropriately again.

Do you need a license to operate an electric pallet lift?

Generally, you don’t need a driver’s license before you can operate an electric pallet lift.

However, you will need to have certification to operate an electric pallet jack depending on your location.

You must also be aware of all the controls and safety procedures required to operate a pallet lift.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your employees are well trained to handle the equipment.

The certification for using an electric pallet lift is provided by the company you work for.

Do you require special training to operate an electric pallet lift?

Yes, you need to be trained before you can effectively operate a pallet lift.

As a pallet lift operator, you need to be trained on how to undertake a pallet check, which should be carried out routinely.

Special training helps the operator maneuver the pallet lift easily and ascertain that the equipment is in top shape.

Operators need to be trained in using the pallet lift to raise the pallets from the floor.

Pallet lift operators also need to learn how to offload the pallet in its new location with ease and finesse.

Is an electric pallet lift safe for you to operate?

Electric pallet lift is easy and safe to operate provided you stick to all the operational guidelines.

It is essential that you also fill out the pre-operation inspection sheet, as it will ensure you are using a piece of equipment in good mechanical condition.

It would be best if you were very cautious of the electric power lift; always keep your feet and ankles clear of the lift.

It would help if you always faced travel direction when you are operating the electric pallet lift.

The red button on the handle is the emergency reverse and will prevent the electric pallet lift from running you over.

How high can an electric pallet lift go?

Standard Electric Pallet Lift BM1,How high can an electric pallet lift go?These pallet lifts are not only designed to move pallets around the warehouse; they also help to raise them up for easy stacking and storage.

Every electric pallet lift has a maximum height that it can be raised, and going above that will most likely cause damage to the lift.

The height can range anywhere from as little as 3 inches up to almost 8 feet high.

Is there a warranty for an electric pallet lift?

Heavy duty Electric Pallet Lift BE2,Is there a warranty for an electric pallet lift?Yes, there is always a warranty for your electric pallet lift, and you shouldn’t buy one without a warranty.

This warranty is a way the manufacturers tell you that their equipment is top quality and will serve you optimally.

Some manufacturers give a warranty for different equipment parts, while some provide a wholesome warranty for the equipment.

The warranty can run from 6 months to up to 1 year, and you can return it within the stipulated period if there is an issue with its operation.

What is the difference between an electric pallet lift and a semi-electric pallet lift?

Scissor Electric Pallet Lift What is the difference between an electric pallet lift and a semi-electric pallet lift?The key difference between the electric and semi lies in their core components and the things they can do.

The semi-electric comes with a smaller turning radius capability compared to the electric pallet lift.

Electric pallet lift has a power drive and power lift, which improves the overall control and reduces the amount of effort an operator will need to move palletized loads.

Unlike the electric pallet lift, the semi-electric pallet lift features only a power drive without a power lift.

Both the semi-electric and electric possess emergency stop buttons, power braking, and speed limiting functions.

For semi-electric pallet lifts, the operator will have to manually pump the hydraulics in the handle to lift the load up.

How do you get an electric pallet certification?

The certification for using an electric pallet lift will be provided by the company you work for.

Therefore, if you are a business owner, you need to ensure that your company has a certification program in place for its employees.

The standard operating procedure requires that pallet lift operators be re-evaluated after every three years to ascertain they are still competent enough to operate.

It is highly dangerous to operate a pallet lift if you don’t have prior training on how it works.

Without proper and inclusive training, operators will be a danger to themselves alone and the entire workforce within the environment.

How do you use an electric pallet lift safely?

Semi Electric Pallet Lift LM,How do you use an electric pallet lift safely?For your safety and the safety of those within the operating environment, there are certain things that you must indulge in as a pallet lift operator:

  • Ensure you always fill out the pre-operating inspection sheet before using the pallet lift.
  • If the electric pallet lift fails the inspection test, do not use it, and make sure you report the malfunctioning equipment to your superiors.
  • As a rule, you must not operate an electric pallet lift on a ramp.
  • The weight of an electric pallet lift with a full load can be equal to that of a car; therefore, you must not use your body to stop the electric pallet lift.

Are there any battery safety tips?

Straddle Electric Pallet Lift LE2,Are there any battery safety tips?Here are the general safety tips that apply to batteries of all sizes in your pallet lift:

  • You need to ensure that you read and adhere to all the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You must never mix batteries of different brands for your pallet lift, and neither should you combine old and new batteries.
  • It is advisable that you don’t mix batteries of different types, like alkaline and acidic or rechargeable and non-rechargeable.
  • You must never use damaged or leaking batteries for your pallet lift.
  • Always make sure that you observe the correct polarity when installing batteries on your electric pallet lift.

How can you maintain your electric pallet lift?

Reach Electric Pallet Lift LER,How can you maintain your electric pallet lift?Pallet lifts are one of the most used equipment in warehouses and other industrial establishments.

Therefore, you need a good service guide to help you keep your pallet lift in good shape.

  • Ensure you carry out a routine inspection to ascertain the condition of your pallet lift.
  • If the routine inspection shows that all is ok, then you need to test the pallet lift to know whether it works or not.
  • To test the truck, you need to load it with a pallet and check each functionality one after the other.
  • If you identified any problem with your pallet, then you need to make the necessary repairs.

Is it safe to push or pull an electric pallet lift?

Low profile Electric Pallet Lift BE1,Is it safe to push or pull an electric pallet lift?When the choice is between pushing or pulling an electric pallet lift, it is always safer to push.

As an operator, you are strongest when pushing with your legs serving as a foundation.

Pulling a pallet lift behind you with both hands is a recipe for being run over by the pallet if you had to stop abruptly.

When you are pushing, you will have better control to steer and maneuver away from obstacles since they can stop quicker.

Therefore, it is ergonomically better to push a loaded pallet lift because it is the preferred way to apply force to the load.

What is the best way to store your electric pallet lift?

Lightweight Electric Pallet Lift BTM2,What is the best way to store your electric pallet lift?When your electric pallet lift is not in use, the forks should be in their lowest position.

You need to ensure that the handle is in the upright position for better visibility so that it doesn’t block access to emergency equipment like a fire extinguisher.

Make sure that the pallet lift is in a secure area and is not easily accessible by customers or civilians.

The machine must be stored in a place that will not obstruct other workers’ activities in the site or warehouse.

Always make sure that the place you stored them is dry to keep them in good working condition.

What must you do when preparing to lift a load with an electric pallet lift?

Drum Electric Pallet Lift with Scale,What must you do when preparing to lift a load with an electric pallet lift?There are specific guidelines you must follow when lifting a load with a pallet lift.

Before you lift a load, you must ensure both forks are entirely under the pallet while the pallet is resting against the backstop.

If you try to lift a load while the forks are partially under the pallet, you can damage the pallet and spill the load.

Always keep the load close to the body for as long as possible while lifting.

If it is not possible to keep the load close to the body, slide it towards the pallet lift body before attempting to lift it.

What should you do when a load is too heavy to lift?

Counterbalance Electric Pallet Lift LM,What should you do when a load is too heavy to lift?When a load is too heavy to lift, you should keep the load close to the pallet lift’s waist for as long as possible.

This will help reduce the amount of pressure on the back of the equipment.

However, you must know the load limit of the pallet lift you are operating and never overload it.

It would be best to make sure that the load is stacked evenly on the forks before moving the pallet.

Take time to inspect the floors to drive the pallet lift to ensure that the part is exact.

You also need to keep the load as close to the ground as possible.


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