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Electric Pallet Jack with Best Prices

CUBLiFT, your premier pallet jack manufacturer from China offers you the best electric pallet jacks at the most affordable prices.

Customized electric pallet jacks with different loading capacities are available upon request.


  • CE, TüV qualified pallet jack series
  • No MOQ is required for standard electric pallet jack
  • Carrying Capacity: 1000~5000kg
  • Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
  • Wheel Options: Steel/Nylon/PU/ options
  • Steering Wheel(mm): 250*80
  • Reinforced Steel Frame & rebuildable pump
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Semi-electric Pallet Jack (1500kg)
Semi-electric Pallet Jack (1500kg)

Type: Semi-electric
Capacity: 500~1500kg
Wheel Type: PU/NYLON
Manual lifting & Motor-driving
Certification: CE
Battery: Lead Acid or Li-ion
Working Time: 4~6hrs
Feature: compact, cost-saving, in stock

Compact Full Electric Pallet Jack (1800kg)
Compact Full Electric Pallet Jack (1800kg)

Type: full electric powered – Walkie
Capacity: 500~1800kg
Wheel Type: PU/NYLON
Manual lifting & Motor-driving
Certification: CE
Battery: Lead Acid or Li-ion
Working Time: 4~6 hrs
Feature: compact, cost-saving, in stock

Powered Pallet Jack ( 2000kg Capacity)
Economic Powered Pallet Jack (2000kg)

Type: Full powered – pedestrian
Capacity: 500~2000kg
Certification: CE
Wheel Type: PU/NYLON
Battery: Lead Acid or Li-ion
Working Time: 4~6 hrs
Feature: compact, cost-saving, in stock

Stand-on Pallet Jack ( 500~3000kg)
Ride-on Pallet Jack ( 500~3000kg)

Type: Full Electric Ride-on
Capacity: 500~2000kg
Wheel Type: PU/NYLON
Manual lifting & Motor-driving
Certification: CE
Battery: Lead Acid or Li-ion
Working Time: 4~6hrs
Feature: compact, cost-saving, in stock

Self Loading Forklift (500~1000kg)
Self Loading Pallet Stacker (500~1000kg)

Capacity: 500 ~ 1000kg
Various sized & capacities
Wheel Type: PU/Nylon
Electric lifting, stacking
Fit both open & close pallet
Battery: Lead Acid or Li-ion
Working Time: 4~6hrs (1-hr recharging)
Inventory Status: in Stock

Semi-electric All-terrain Pallet Jack (1500kg)
Semi-electric All-terrain Pallet Jack (1500kg)

Type: Semi-electric
Capacity: 500~1500kg
Wheel Type: PU/NYLON
Manual lifting & Motor-driving
Highly sealed integrated pump
Working Time: 4~6 hrs (1-hr recharging)
For rugged outdoor site loads handling

More Electric Pallet Trucks You May Like to Select

  • Economic Semi-Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg
    Semi-Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

    ● Model: BM1 (semi-electric Pallet Jack)
    ● Capacity (kg): 1500/1800
    ● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
    ● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1353/1426
    ● Battery Powered:48V / 10AH

  • Compact Electric Pallet Jack Walkie 1800kg
    Electric Pallet Jack Walkie Type 1800kg

    ● Model: BE1 (Walkie Rider)
    ● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/1800
    ● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1220
    ● Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
    ● Battery Powered: 24V / 65AH

  • Electric Pallet Jack Rider Style 3000kg

    ● Model: BE2 ( Rider Style)
    ● Capacity (kg): 2000/2500/3000
    ● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
    ● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
    ● Battery Powered:24V/270AH/340AH

  • All-Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 1000kg
    All-Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 1000kg

    ● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BM-2000AT
    ● Capacity (kg): 1000
    ● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
    ● Fork overall width (mm): 700/850
    ● Fork overall length (mm):950
    ● Weight (kg): 280
    ● Battery Powered: 48V/32AH

  • High lift Compact Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg
    High Lift Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

    ● Model:BMX
    ● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500
    ● Lifting height(mm):800
    ● Fork overall length(mm):1150
    ● Fork overall width(mm):540/685
    ● Battery Powered: 12V / 70AH

  • Self-Loading Compact Electric Pallet Jack 500kg
    Self-Loading Electric Pallet Jack 500kg

    ● Model: LELS-500
    ● Capacity (kg): 500
    ● Lifting Height (mm): 800/1000/1300
    ● Fork overall L*W: 1150*540
    ● Battery Powered:12V / 45AH

  • Low Profile Electric Pallet Jack BE2

  • Mobile Scissor Electric Pallet Jack XE4
    Mobile Scissor Electric Pallet Jack XE4

  • Narrow Pedestrian Electric Pallet Jack LE1
    Narrow Pedestrian Electric Pallet Jack LE1

  • Reach Lift Electric Pallet Jack LER
    Reach Lift Electric Pallet Jack LER

  • Scissor Electric Pallet Jack BTM
    Portable Scissor Electric Pallet Jack BTM

  • Semi-electric Scissor Electric Pallet Jack BTM1
    Semi-electric Scissor Electric Pallet Jack BTM1

  • standard Electric Pallet Jack BM
    Lightweight standard Electric Pallet Jack BM

  • Straddle Electric Pallet Jack
    Straddle Electric Pallet Jack LE2

  • Walkie Electric Pallet Jack BE1
    Walkie Electric Pallet Jack BE1

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30% Up in Efficiency

Electric powered pallet trucks definitely increase you efficiency by 30% even more compare to manual tools. It helps in warehousing, workshops, market, docks and anywhere lifting works are required.

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100% Stable in Quality

Adopting branded motor and electronic components,  in-house strict aging-test, plus decades years of  market recognition, you are going to get superb pallet trucks with 100% quality satisfaction.

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35% Save Your Money

As one of the most promising pallet trucks manufacture vendors in China. Our local industrial centralized supply chain brings out the greatest advantage, which makes our cost 15% lower than any of your other suppliers.

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24/7 Support & Support

Since you are possibly from different lines of industry, you may meet some operation doubts or queries. CBULiFT team are 24/7 standby here to offer prompt support both in technique or market trend strategy for your side.

More Reliable Powered Pallet Trucks

In the passed decades of years, pallet trucks has gone through a dramatic development and upgrade both in functions and designs.
We follow this trend closely.

Today, you can find our electric pallets are more ergonomic and intelligent in design and more simple in operation.

You are gonna to get a pallet lifter with more strong practicability, high working frequency and longer service life up to 5 year under full load working conditions.

Electric Pallet Jacks 16
Electric Pallet Jacks 45

Add More Versatility to Your Warehousing

Whether you are a wholesaler or a factory owner, you need efficient and high-quality electric pallet trucks.  This versatile beasts are great help aids in material handling.

You find ride-on, walkie-behind, stand-in or sit-on power pallet trucks from our pallet jack series. The pallet trucks offer you lifting, moving, stacking job aids in any place where you need them.

More Options to Fit Your Needs & Budgets

CUBLiFT produces a variety of electric pallet trucks, from which you can choose different pallet truck modes based on deigns, functions, dimensions. Or you can get tailor-made ones as per your specific requirements or budgets.

You are finding our pallet trucks are stable in quality, not only the whole frame structure, but also reflected in the selection of branded electronic components.

The last but not the least, tell us your budget, we will suggest your  most suitable ones that fits your exceptions.

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CUBLiFT: A Trusted Pallet Truck Manufacture Vendor You Can Reply on from China

Electric Pallet Jacks -899 (1)w
Electric Pallet Jacks -899 (1)

What defines CUBLIFT is its high industrial experience, competitive prices, and fast service for supplying top-tier industrial equipment.

CUBLIFT quickly grows in size and reputation because of our absolute dedication to high-quality manufacturing, a high value of products, and excellent customer service. There is no place on earth where we cannot supply our products safely and cost-effectively.

Customer satisfaction is our goal and pursuing superlative quality, and making continual progress is our mission. Grab our hands so together, we can make progress hand in hand and construct a prosperous future together.

We Do Better | You Get More Long-term Value

Standard Capacity 2000KG Pallet Truck
Standard Capacity 2000KG

The mostly recommended electric forklift trucks are with 1500kg and 2000kg capacity. The mode is EP15, EP20, which are most polular models and can meet 90% lifting/moving needs from yur customers.

The model of EP20 with 2.0 tons load capacity are suitable pulling heavy goods. Equipped with Curtis motor controller, it is suitable for workshop, stacking yard and other places where pallet trucks are frequently used.

Pallet Jacks with Standard Fork Width of 560/685mm
Standard Fork Width Options 560/685mm

The fork width of electric forklift truck is within international standard 560mm and 685mm, applied to common cargo pallet inner hole 500~700mm. fork length and width size can be customized.
The Fork lowering height is as low as 80mm for various pallet heights.



Pallet Jack with Flexible Turning Radius 1430
Flexible Turning Radius 1430

The standard pallet jack with a fork length of 1613mm and the turning radius of 1430mm, it makes this electric forklift more flexible and convenient in the narrow shelf aisle of the warehouse.

Pallet Jack Designed for Narrow Aisle Use
Designed for Narrow Aisle Use

Our compact electric transport trolley can be in the 2445mm wide shelf aisle, loading and unloading, turning around and turning around freely.

With small dead weight, large load capacity and short body, it once again refreshes the efficiency limit of small logistics equipment.

Pallet Jack with Frame From Integral 415 Steel Press Molding
Frame From Integral 415 Steel Press Molding

Our electric forklifts are made of 415 steel with excellent hardness and toughness. The structure of the pallet truck is finished by integrated stamping and forming, robot welding, shot blasting and anti-corrosion, baking paint and other finishing processes. It increases the service life of forklift by 65%.

More Efficient pallet jack

In terms of efficiency, an electric forklift is at least three times more efficient than a manual handler.

All-electric forklift trucks is the super star of small logistics machinery, with dual motors, electric travel, electric lifting, more powerful, more quick.

Higher Efficiency Motor for electric pallet trucks
Higher Efficiency Motor

Our electric pallet trucks adopts a high-power version of the motor. It applies to the same quality control standards as electric vehicle motors, with low energy consumption and large output torque. Less heat generation, safer and more reliable.

Electric pallet jack with Maximum Walking Speed Up to 5KM/H
Maximum Walking Speed Up to 5KM/H

You can find both walkie and ride-on type electric packs from our products ranges.

The full load speed of the pallet trucks is generally 3~5km/h, and the intelligent handle is more convenient to control the vehicle.

Pallet Trucks feature More Lighter weight Yet Tough Structure
Feature Lighter Weight Yet Tougher Structure

The standard electric pallet trucks is about 20kg heavier than a manual trolley. And because it has more power than any other manual trolley in its class, it has a relatively large load capacity despite its relatively small weight.

Electric pallet trucks with Super High Volume Lithium Battery
Super High Volume Lithium Battery

Our electric handlers use high-capacity lithium batteries, or you can choose maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.
The battery is easy to plug and unplug, can be removed and carried with one hand, and has a long life. Optional fast charger is available, one  time charge can meet the workload of one workflow.

Pallet trucks can do 8~16 degrees Slope Climbing
8~16 degrees Climbing

The electric forklift trucks can achieve 8° climbing with full load and 16° climbing with no load. It can be easily driven by one person and one hand to improve logistics efficiency.

Intelligent Handle Head Design with More Concentrated Functions
Intelligent Handle Head Design with More Concentrated Functions

Intelligent handle head design, the key switch, electric meter and control signal light are reasonably integrated into the handle head for more convenient operation.
Design upgraded emergency power-off switch to reduce the possibility of cargo impact damage.

forklift trucks with Longer Working Time
Longer Working Time

One charge, it can work continuously for up to 4-6 hours. You can fully rely on it to meet the day’s handling work.

Integrated Design of Cable Harness Optimization for pallet trucks
Integrated Design of Cable Harness Optimization

Optimize cable harness layout to minimize spare parts moving and reduce the failure.

Independent integrated design of controller and hydraulic cylinder greatly improves control and ease of maintenance and testing.


Hot Sale Pallet Jacks
Hot Sale Modele

These compact electric pallet jacks are  among our most hot-sale pallet trucks both in domestic and global market. Contact us for special price offer.

ELECTRIC pallet jack Removable Battery Cover & Drive Wheel Shield
Removable Battery Cover & Drive Wheel Shield

Innovative front removable battery cover battery box cover, so you can replace the battery easily and quickly.

Reinforced drive wheel shield, increase the working strength and rotation range of the drive wheel, safer operation, more protection in place.

Pallet Jacks in Sufficient Inventory
Sufficient Inventory

Most of our standard pallet jack both in manual and electric mode are available in inventory. Thus it ensures a prompt delivery and sufficient spare parts supplement as well.

Electric Pallet Jacks Bring More Profit to Your Project Globally

Material handling system for JD Global Warehouse Kunshan Station
JD Global Warehouse Kunshan Station

Jd.com is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, a retail enterprise with a sale-scale of more than 10 billion yuan, with a huge logistics network and fast delivery capacity.

Latest material handling equipment includes various electric pallet trucks are adopted in their material distributing system to ensure rapid and efficient parcels flow.

CUBLiFT ‘s electric pallet trucks was in the participation in one of the logistics bidding projects successfully. 

Formlifts for Large Food Storage Group
Large Food Storage Group

Electric forklift trucks are energy saving and environmental friendly, low noise, no pollution.

It is initially populated in developed countries, and in the rest of the world economies, electric trucks gradually are replacing diesel forklifts and the market share is also gradually increasing.

Especially in food storage and distribution centers, because of the certain requirements for indoor cargo handling environment, the choice of electric trucks to move goods does not affect the efficiency and friendly to the surrounding environment.

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Air Port Distribution of Logistics

Airport smart warehousing is an important link between supply, manufacturing and customers, which shortens the storage cycle of goods and speeds up the distribution of logistics.

Electric forklift trucks are one of the key foundations of this system, helping operators to significantly improve logistics transfer efficiency, cut labor costs, and reduce operational risk.

pallet forklifts for Large Whole Sale Markets
Hardware Electromechanical wholesale market

The local distributor of our electric handlers is showing the latest arrived models of handlers at the largest electromechanical market in Toshkent, Eastern Uzbekistan.

In the local market, hundreds of large supermarkets, wholesale markets and factory floors are enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought by our electric handlers.

Electric Pallet Jack | Find the Correct Pallet Truck You've Been Seeking

Offering an extensive line of electric pallet jacks fit various industry needs
Various Dimensions for use in different work sites
Various Designs for making your fleet out-standing
Various pallet trucks for meeting your budget

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Electric Pallet Jack Ultimate FAQs Guide

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack, which is also called pallet truck, generally finds utility in moving or lifting material loads and pallets from one point to another. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is usable in different applications like the warehouse, factory, loading docks. This guide will give extensive answers to the common questions and difficulties that most operators or other involved personnel experience while using the CUBLiFT electric pallet jack. This guide is drawn from the manufacturer’s manual, expert opinion, and feedback from users.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What are the important precautions that you need to take when using the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

What are the important precautions that you need to take when using the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?Operators have to make sure that the warehouse, factory, or wherever you want to use it is orderly, and the goods should be well arranged. Nonetheless, check the surrounding area to ensure no debris lying around can affect the electric pallet jack’s safe use and smooth operation. Operators also have to ensure that the warning labels and data plates are in the right position and are very visible to avoid accidents and misuse. This inspection should include the operating controls as they are vital to the electric pallet jack’s performance. The controls include the forks, horn, braking system, forward and reverse controls, emergency reverse controls. Lastly, it comes without saying that operators need to make sure that the loads are stable and placed on the jack’s midpoint before use.


Is it possible to move the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack through a slopy surface?

Electric Electric Pallet Jack Forklift Vimage (40)Pallet Jack with Scale 3000 Figure 20 - Increase economic value through electric pallet jack with scaleIt is possible to move this electric pallet jack through inclined terrain as there are forks and other mechanisms to ensure that the load is stable on the jack. However, it would help if you moved straight up or down the slope and not on an angle. The angle can easily offset the achieved stability as it increases the chances of the load tipping.

While moving the electric pallet jack up or down the slope, you have to keep the load uphill and centralized. Lastly, when driving on a sloped surface, the operator needs to stand by the CUBLIFT pallet jack’s side and not at the front or behind.


What other names are used to refer to Electric Pallet Jacks?

Standard Electric Pallet Jack BMThe CUBLIFT electric pallet jack can be identified with different names on the web. Names like electric power trucks, walkies, power jacks, single or double pallet jacks, pallet pumps, pump trucks, and scooters refer to the pallet jack. Maybe you have been searching for some information on the Internet about the electric pallet jack and couldn’t find it; well, you can try some of these other aliases.


How cost-effective is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Portable Electric Pallet Jack BE1The truth is that the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is not very cheap in isolation. However, its impressive cost-effectiveness stems from the number of manual labor costs that it will cut in the long run. Furthermore, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack’s safety and efficiency brought to the warehouse or factory would be difficult and almost impossible to achieve manually. Let’s take a look at some of the critical specifications of the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack with scale:

  • Gross or Net weighting system
  • Automatic zero correction
  • Passcode-level security
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
  • Error messages for easy diagnosis and providing the solution.


Where can I use the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Ideally, the electric pallet jack is used wherever you need to move goods and products in pallet form from one place to another. However, to maximize its utility and cost-effectiveness, it is mostly used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, docks, storage facilities, and other material handling industry units. This electric pallet jack is also usable in other terrain and working conditions as this CUBLIFT product is robust and is made with the strongest of materials to operate just fine in that limited space environment. The wheels consist of a material called polyurethane, which is very versatile and suitable for most terrains. The team of experienced staff makes its parts standard and durable. Other places where you can use the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack are as follows;

  • Storage units
  • Malls
  • Retail stores
  • Plants and industries


How do I operate the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Scissor Lift Electric Pallet Jack BTM2The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is one of the easiest to operate. It has a throttle on the handle, which helps move the jack to the front or back. The operator needs to move the handle in a suitable direction. The operator only needs to place the forks beneath the pallet before lifting. The operator then pumps the handle to raise the forks with pallets from the ground. Unlike the forklift, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is designed to raise the load high enough for easy movement around the warehouse.


What is the life expectancy of a CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Scissor Electric Pallet Jack BTM1Generally, electric pallet jacks and forklifts have a lifespan of 10,000 hours, but this figure depends on the usage, the type of loads it carries, and the maintenance level. Also, the electric pallet jack usually lasts longer than the other ones as it incorporates several features that eliminate the need for some of the maintenance and actions that can reduce the tool’s lifespan.


Does the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack have brakes?

Portable Electric Pallet Jack BMThe CUBLIFT electric pallet jack uses brakes, but older brands and versions utilize small levers that influence the hydraulic fluid to operate the forks. In the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack case, there are many controls in the form of buttons that make functions like braking easy. Some other brands or versions can be stopped by reversing the throttle, while others use the dead man’s switch. Some can also control the jack by plugging. This plugging means switching the throttle from forward to reverse or vice versa, depending on the moving direction. On the other hand, users can also make use of the brakes.


Do I need any training to operate the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

New operators require adequate training before using the electric pallet jack, and they should have a certificate before they can use the jack. Usually, like other types of forklift training, operators have to renew their certification over a specific period.


What is the OSHA training all about?

Many studies reveal that most accidents associated with forklifts and pallet jacks (electric or manual) are due to the operator’s error. These errors are some of the reasons why OSHA training is expedient. Such training will teach you the difference between the forklift and the pallet jack. It also sheds appropriate light on conducting inspections, performing simple but effective maintenance, avoiding potential hazards, and preventing accidents in the warehouse or factory. Different training agencies use other methods to achieve the objectives stated above. These methods might include quizzes, tests, and online courses in different languages. It is important to note that operating such heavy-duty tools without specific training can attract fines and other penalties. 


What is the safest way to lift a load with the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Firstly, before lifting a load, check the scale, and make sure that the load does not exceed the maximum capacity. Also, check if the load is correctly placed at the center of the pallet to ensure stability while on the move. You should also make sure that the palletized load fully rests on and against the back of the forks. If all these precautions are ensured, you can now proceed to lift the weight. The fork has to go under the pallet and then be lifted to a certain height before moving the electric pallet jack. Nonetheless, the CUBLIFT also has an inbuilt stability system to ensure some stability even when the operator still places the loads wrongly. So even when the terrain is uneven, you can still maneuver through without worries. The system also has a brake override function for those times when you need to pass through tight corners, and you need the handle to be in a vertical position.


What is the difference between Stackers and Pallet Jacks?

The pallet jacks and stackers are essential in a lot of industrial operations. These two heavy-duty tools share a lot of similarities and also some key differences. While the pallet jack helps to move loads from one point to another, load and offload, the stackers help to position pallets at specific heights and points. They both offer solutions to material handling challenges as the pallet stacker comes very handy in narrow spaces with limited floor access.


What is unique about the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

Firstly, CUBLIFT is a premium brand from China, and its electric pallet jack is the preferred choice for situations where goods need to be weighed and moved frequently. This electric pallet jack can perform this function seamlessly as a timely movement of goods goes a long way in affecting the organization of the warehouse, factory, or any other material handling unit. Get the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack, and almost half the problems you face while sorting goods will be a thing of the past. Its multifunctionality helps to reduce weighting time and improve productivity. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack performs every task with accuracy, and this goes a long way in conserving energy. Having such a heavy-duty tool also helps with logistics and improves the processes that take place in any industrial environment. Furthermore, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack with scale does not cost more than its same-quality counterparts in the market.


What are the other services offered by CUBLIFT?

CUBLIFT provides its services internationally and manufactures other tools like manual pallet trucks, pallet scale ramps, scissor lifts, and many more. Its services are very flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet specific requirements and preferences from buyers. These customized solutions involve pricing, parts, and many more aspects of the products.


Why does the Electric Pallet Jack need an inbuilt scale?

Firstly, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is more like a transportation truck, and with the addition of a scale as it doubles as a mobile pallet weighing system. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack can move, lift, and measure the weight of palletized goods with an accuracy level of 99.9% on its own. Apart from the high level of accuracy and perfection with which it executes the functions stated above, it also requires less effort and energy from the operator. In a nutshell, the scale provides weighing accuracy in a short time. Some of the other functions and features associated with the scale include:

  • Different working modes to select from
  • Clear LED display
  • Weight unit converter with a free conversion factor
  • Formalized
  • Weighing and batching in percentage
  • Counting the number of the pallet through the weight
  • Water-resistant numerical keyboard
  • Fire, heat, and shock resistance
  • Presence of a rechargeable battery
  • Configuration through the keypad
  • Configurable energy-saving mode


How does the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack work?

Firstly, the electric pallet jack should be fully charged before use. The control buttons are on the handle indicated by arrows. The ‘up’ arrow lifts the pallet, and the ‘down’ arrow lowers the pallet while the left and right buttons are for the electric pallet scale directions. After all the measurements and calculations, the pallet or load must be 1 – 2 inches above ground level while moving it. When you get to the drop spot, press the ‘down’ button to lower the forks and pallets to the ground. The jack can work with a horizontal inclination of 10% and 25% with a full load and without load, respectively. Its fork length ranges from 85mm to 200mm.


What features do I need to look out for in an Electric Pallet Jack?

Generally, the required features should depend on the need and its application. However, to understand how effective and useful the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack will be to you, there is a need to understand the features. These features include the pallet load capacity, the fork length, size, building materials, lift height, turning radius, the moving speed, drive unit, wheels, truck’s dimensions, and battery capacity. With an understanding of the above, it is easier to decide on how best to use the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack and how it will serve you best.


How is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack superior to others?

After manufacturing the jack, we perform several quality checks and tests to ensure that every part of the electric pallet jack and the scale works just fine. These checks and tests also ensure that the pallet jacks offer adequate resistance against heat, shock, pressure, tough environment, and other extreme weather conditions. More so, our electric pallet jack consumes less power than most of the other jacks obtainable in the market. All of these will help ensure that the productivity in the warehouse is optimized. We believe that the productivity of the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack mainly depends on precision and accuracy. The handle, traction system, and stability system all help to make the jack’s operation precise and accurate.

Furthermore, the electric pallet jack has a very effective design that leads to fewer problems and causes less fatigue to the operator. This design includes an effective grip structure, which involves a neutral wrist position and grip points that make the operator’s grip firm and comfortable. The aluminum handle makes the operation even more seamless.


What are the other features encapsulated in the Electric Pallet Jack with scale?

All the features that our experts have put into the design are to aid the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack’s efficiency, safety, and lifespan. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is made from stainless steel and has an oven-fire coated outlay. Also, it has a distance of 600mm from the center of gravity, which serves to ensure the stability of the loads. Operators can also adjust the lowering speed with the controls on the throttle.


Is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack tough and durable?

The CUBLiFT electric pallet jack can withstand the constant movement of the pallet into and out of the warehouse or factory. The covers and panels are made from heavy steel, which gives the capacity to withstand heavy usage. The CUBLiFT electric pallet jack’s handle is made from aluminum, which ensures adequate durability even when used in tight spaces. This expedient durability helps to reduce the level and frequency of maintenance that the tool requires. In effect, the operating cost is lowered for you.


How reliable is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

The reliability of the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack revolves around the optimization of the tool’s uptime. The reliability of the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack depends on the following.

  • Powerful AC traction system
  • Simple diagnosis system
  • Efficient CUBLIFT services
  • Reliable service brake
  • Adjustable fork linkages
  • Optional onboard charger

One other very intentional aspect of the design is using a brushless AC motor, eliminating the stress and need for regular brush inspection and replacement. The motor helps the electric pallet jack achieve frictionless braking. Also, the design encapsulates the sensitive parts such that it is completely protected.


How is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack?

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack has 24v Lithium-ion batteries for storing energy. These batteries are very energetic with high energy density. These batteries are standard as they are not affected by the memory effect. You don’t have to completely discharge the batteries before recharging, and it can handle numerous charge and discharge cycles. This battery choice primarily helps to reduce the rate of consumption and provides more efficiency. There is also a battery charging system onboard, and there is also a display that shows the state of the battery charging. However, the battery’s capacity can easily be abused when using the electric pallet jack in very extreme and unhealthy conditions. Therefore, the CUBLiFT battery management system imposes some limits on the environments and situations in which you can use it.


What makes the traction system of the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack better?

The traction system of any moving system is essential; hence, the CUBLIFT electric pallet, the jack’s traction system incorporates many features to deliver the best functions obtainable. The traction system provides a very responsive acceleration, smooth turning, and change of direction. It also has the ramp hold feature that optimizes the operation on inclined surfaces. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack also has a rabbit switch programmed to any of the various modes available. There are generally just two modes for you to choose from depending on the task at hand and the operator’s experience level.


Does the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack come with accessories?

What CUBLIFT offers is an extensive range of options to choose from when getting the electric pallet jack. The options include the On-Board Charger, which helps to charge the battery conveniently without removing the battery during use. This option also provides the machine with more uptime. You can also choose from the number of battery options that we offer. It can be Lead-Acid, Thin Plate Pure Lead, or Lithium-ion battery. Aside from the type, the size also varies, and you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Buyers also get a backrest that is made of steel to help stabilize the weight on the pallet. This pallet load backrest helps to prevent the effect of rough and unexpected movement on the load. You also get to choose from different tire options to suit the terrain or application.


Is the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack environment-friendly?

Yes, the electric pallet jack and most other products from CUBLIFT are eco-friendly. As one of China’s leading manufacturers, we make sure that almost all the electric pallet jack parts are made in-house. That way, we can control and ensure that less energy consumption, less waste production. There is also a lot of recycling involved in most of the manufacturing processes. CUBLIFT is part of the movement that is trying to ensure eco-friendliness, especially in the east.


What value does the CUBLIFT Electric Pallet Jack offer?

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is very beneficial to users in so many ways. From the excellent performance to the incorporation of innovative technology. For the best value, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is designed with

  • The production of less waste
  • Better lifespan
  • Optimized productivity
  • Less overhead and maintenance cost
  • Less downtime

With all these benefits, it is easier to achieve your sustainability goals and derive economic value from using the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack also offers some advantages, which include;

  • Increasing the pallet weighing speed
  • Increasing the speed of transferring the pallet
  • Covering a huge space in a short time
  • Robustness makes it usable in different environments and conditions.
  • Ensuring flexibility due to the small turning radius
  • Strong build which makes it resistant to fire, heat, and shock
  • High transportation speed with improved efficiency.



Here are some general precautionary measures that you should ensure to prevent property damage and injury during the use

  • Check for any leakage of fluids.
  • Check for any damaged parts in the pallet jack.
  • Maintain a constant focus on the wheels and forks.



Hopefully, this FAQ guide has been helpful to you and has revealed new information related to the electric pallet jack especially. You now understand how the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is the best in the market.


When it comes to safety, durability, and innovative functionality, CUBLIFT is among the world’s leading brands.

With decades of manufacture and research, CUBLIFT from China comes toe to toe with all the famous brands around the globe.

One of CUBLIFT’S premiere products is its line of robust yet cost-effective pallet jacks that offers you an efficient and time-saving way to lighten your workload.

Below is a comprehensive guide and answers to frequently, and most commonly asked questions that we hope would walk you through everything you need to know about the product, these facts were gathered and compiled from the manufacturer’s manual.


What are CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks?

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, walkie, a power jack, pallet pump, electric power truck, is one essential equipment you use for point-to-point movement and lifting of loads in factories, warehouses, etc. This electric pallet jack will without a doubt lessen your workload.

Are CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks similar to CUBLIFT pallet stackers?

Suffice to say, pallet jacks and pallet stackers are both vital and much needed in numerous heavy-load lifting and moving tasks in warehouses, loading docks, etc.

Though this equipment has similarities, both have distinct roles.

Stackers and jack are used for transporting heavy packages, that is their common denominator, however, pallet stackers are used to helping position pallets at precise spots and heights, while pallet jacks make moving heavy loads from point to point a lot easier.

These equipment are the point guys when it comes to reducing heavy workloads.

What should I look for in an electric pallet jack?

The market is diversified and is teeming with different brands and models of electric pallet jacks. Simply put, these brands have different specifications and features.

An electric pallet jack that is perfect for one person may not be suited to you at all. To get the most out of the product, you must first determine what you need.

CUBLIFT has a variety of electric pallet jack models that you can choose from, but the key is taking into consideration the important factors that would tailor fit your requisites;

Load Capacity- it is one of the most important elements to give thought to. Working out the usual load weight you haul will help you choose the right capacity, and eliminate the chances of you overloading your electric pallet jack.

Lift Height- when canvassing for electric pallet jacks, check the maximum height the pallet can be raised, to see if it suits your needs.

Fork Length- electric pallet jack’s fork size varies. Pick the size that you think is ideal, a pallet jack fork that is too long may be a burden to move around the work area, while a pallet jack that’s too short may not have enough support

Wheels- nonstaining wheels are always recommended as continued use of your electric pallet jack may damage your work floors. A durable set of polyurethane wheels can withstand wear and tear and would have a longer life

Weight and Dimensions- another element to appraise is the size and weight of the unit. Industrial grade pallet jacks are usually heavier than standard models and are more suitable for heavier workloads.

Our electric pallet jacks significantly bulkier than manual pallet jacks?

Electric pallet jacks usually are, but not always, bigger in size compared to manual pallet jacks, it is dependent on the brand’s model, dimensions, and weight.

How do you operate an electric pallet jack?

The first step is making sure the electric pallet jack has been fully charged, and the charging cord had been pulled out/disconnected and stored safely inside the equipment.

The control buttons are located on the handle of the jack; the arrows indicate the direction you want the prongs to go to.

The UP arrow for lifting the prongs and pallet, the DOWN arrow to lower them on the floor. The RIGHT and Left arrows are for the scale directions.

How do you load the pallets using an electric pallet jack?

Loading the pallets using an electric pallet is easy. Locate the control buttons on the handle, press the DOWN button.

The next step would be to use the control buttons to navigate the pallet jack to where the pallets are located.

Use the buttons again to guide the prongs beneath and through the pallet, press UP to lift the pallet.

Press the UP button again to lift the prongs and pallet off the floor.

You can then use the control buttons to guide your pallet jack to the landing place.

Press the DOWN button to lower the pallet and prongs on the ground.

Finally, if you are done using the electric pallet jack, plug it in to recharge for your next use.

Do you use brakes in electric pallet jacks?

Some brands and newer models of electric pallet jacks are equipped with brakes. CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks have buttons that make it easy to utilize the brakes.

Some older brands and models of electric pallet jacks use the dead man’s switch, while other models can be stopped thru the reversal of the throttle, also called “plugging”.

What is CUBLIFT electric pallet jack’s power source?

Electric pallet jacks are powered by a battery pack, usually an industrial quality battery. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is equipped with a top-of-the-line AC motor/24v Lithium-ion battery.

These batteries can be charged at any time, and don’t have to be totally discharged before plugging it in to recharge as they have no memory effect.

How do you charge electric pallet jacks?

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks can be charged on the unit’s onboard charging system, with a display screen that indicates the battery life level.

Can you use CUBLIFT electric pallet jack on any pallet material?

These electric pallet jacks are ideal for all types of pallets; metal, plastic, and wood.

Are our electric pallet jacks/trucks better than forklifts?

Generally, forklifts are larger in scale compared with pallet jacks/pallet trucks, however, both units are uniquely different from each other in terms of specifications.

These high-powered machines can both lift and haul heavy loads, and move them from one point to another.

While forklifts are ideal to use in retrieving and stacking/piling bulkier loads, their size hinders the ease of maneuver in really tight spaces, isles, and corners.

An electric pallet truck, on the other hand, though smaller in scale can move smoothly and effortlessly in tight spaces.

Electric pallet trucks, also called walkies, function hand in hand with forklifts; workers use them to lift, transfer and stack loads on pallets which will then be lifted using forklifts.

Electric pallet walkies, unlike forklifts, don’t run on fuel and are portable.

Electric pallet jacks are made from what material?

The frames of CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks are made from durable, top-of-the-line reinforced steel, and quality builds, guaranteeing that your pallet jacks would last for years.

How reliable are CUBLIFT electric pallet jack batteries?

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks use high-quality batteries as a power source, these batteries are ultra-durable and can withstand countless charging and discharging cycles, and provide optimal efficiency.

CUBLIFT also offers you a number of battery options; you can choose the type, as well as the size, and whether you prefer Lead-Acid, Thin plate pure Lead, or Lithium-Ion.

What is the carrying capacity of electric pallet jacks?

The carrying capacity of electric palette jacks vary, depending on the brand and model; the carrying capacity can range from 1000 kgs. to a maximum weight of 5000 kgs.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks come in models of 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 kgs. carrying capacity.

How do you determine if you are within the carrying capacity?

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks are equipped with a LED display scale equipped with a water-resistant keyboard, that measures the weight of the parcel to be transported, with 99 percent accuracy.

The fire, heat, and shockproof scale also convert weight units and has an energy-saving mode that you can configure.

What is the lift height of electric pallet jacks?

Most electric pallet jacks are designed to lift pallets up in addition to hauling them around the work area.

This feature makes it easier to stack and store your parcels.

Lift heights vary, anywhere from a minimum of 2-3 inches up to a maximum height of 8 feet. CUBLIFT electric pallet trucks have maximum lift heights of 2000 to 3000 millimeters.

How does the fork length and width impact the use of electric pallet jacks?

An electric pallet jack’s fork length and width are key factors to consider; a pallet jack that is too short may not be able to handle the load, while a pallet jack that is too long may make maneuvering around the work area arduous.

Can you ride on an electric pallet jack?

Some models of electric pallet jacks are equipped with ride-along platforms while others would require you to walk along with them.

Is it safe to walk beside electric pallet jacks?

Walking along or beside electric pallet jacks is safe as long as you take extra caution;

Walk beside the electric pallet at an ideal pace, not too fast and not too slow.

Make sure there are no obstacles on the floor.

Always have clear visibility of your electric pallet jack.

How do you lift and lower a pallet jack?

Electric pallet jacks have buttons and controls on the handle that will enable you to operate them efficiently.

Locate and press the UP arrow to raise the prongs, the DOWN arrow is for when you have to lower the prongs.

Some electric pallet jacks use levers to raise and lower the forks.

What are the wheels of electric pallet jacks made of?

The wheels are usually made from sturdy polyurethane.

CUBLIFT’s electric pallet jacks are fitted with wheels made from high-grade polyurethane, and or high-quality nylon to give you assurance of adaptability to varying conditions.

Can electric pallet jacks be pushed forward and backward?

Electric pallet jacks can be navigated forward and backward using the controls on the handle.

What are the advantages of using electric pallet trucks?

The integration of innovative tools and additional for a significant decrease of work time and minimal physical strain.

Before pallet trucks were invented, manually stacking the pallets and moving loads in warehouses and docks took days to complete, nowadays, this innovative equipment made it possible to accomplish the task in a few hours.

Maximizing and organizing your workplace storage spaces is straightforward when utilizing electric pallet jacks.

Can I get an electric pallet jack custom-built for me?

If you prefer having an electric pallet jack that is tailor-made for your needs, CUBLIFT can cater to the specifications you want.

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is famous for its tough build and solid performance.

Which line of businesses are electric pallet trucks ideal to use for?

Electric pallet trucks are ideal for workplaces that deal with a lot of loading, moving, and stacking, particularly heavy parcels and boxes.

Most warehouses, factories, laboratories, retail stores, malls, industrial plants, and docks use this equipment.

Clean rooms and workplaces where you have to handle corrosive material use electric pallet jacks too.

What do you use electric pallet trucks for?

Electric pallet trucks are essential to use when heavy lifting and transporting are needed.

Both big and small warehouses use pallet jacks to make loading, moving and stacking heavy packages considerably easier.

Electric pallet trucks are also ideal for workplaces where you have to maneuver the pallets in tight spaces or corners.

How do electric pallet trucks affect business productivity?

Electric pallet jacks are efficient, ergonomically designed, and laden with an array of features that lessen downtimes.

These pallet jacks are the keys to a consequential increase in productivity.

Electric pallet jacks decrease manual work, thereby preventing injuries.

Can anyone operate an electric pallet jack?

Electric pallet jacks or walkies are not that complicated to use, however, sufficient know-how and training is required.

You need to familiarize yourself with the equipment’s operating tools properly, and how it functions.

Walkies are unchallenging and safe to use, however, if incorrectly utilized, they can be dangerous.

Are our electric pallet jacks safer to use than manual pallet jacks?

Both electric and manual pallet jacks are safe to use, provided they are used correctly and within the specified loading and operating instructions.

Although, since manual work is decreased when using electric pallet jacks, the risk of injury is considerably lesser as well.

Is it difficult to operate electric pallet jacks?

Electric pallet jacks are relatively easy to operate.

Knowing the basic functions, how to operate the equipment properly, as well as the unit’s load specifications is essential.

Pallet trucks are equipped with a tiller/handle, this is used for navigating the unit.

The controls and buttons are located on the tiller/handle which are used for driving the unit, lifting, and lowering the pallet.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks are significantly easy to use, as they are laden with innovative features.

In addition to its durability and efficiency, CUBLIFT electric jacks have durable, streamlined frames that can maneuver even in tight spaces, in different terrains.

Do you need a certificate to operate an electric pallet truck?

Whether you are operating a pallet jack (electric and manual) or a forklift, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certification is required.

Undergoing OSHA training is important, you will learn how to use forklifts and pallet jacks properly.

Generally, the training includes, but is not limited to; Basic operation and proper maintenance, where you will learn the important aspects of how to properly operate the unit.

The training will also teach you the necessary points of inspection, how to avoid possible hazards, and how to avert injuries and accidents.

This way, not only will you be assured of a safe workplace, but you will learn to maximize overall productivity which is essential not only for you but for your business.

What will happen if I refuse to go to an OSHA certification training?

An OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certificate is a must-have if you are planning to operate forklifts and/or pallet jacks.

Anyone who refuses the training will be heavily fined.

Our electric pallet jacks more expensive than manual pallet jacks?

Electric pallet jacks are usually relatively more expensive than electric pallet jacks.

Compared to manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks as the name implies decrease manual work, thus saving time while increasing productivity.

Electric pallet jacks also come equipped with tools and innovative features that guarantee efficient work execution.

How versatile are pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks are exceptionally versatile, each brand and model can cater to the user’s preferences.

You can choose which type of pallet jack you need; manual, semi-electric, and electric. They all have the same function; to make moving, loading, transporting, and stacking heavy loads a lot easier, and more efficient.

The pallet truck market is substantially competitive, as there are tons of brands and models to choose from, each model has its own specification, and comes in varying sizes, weights, and added features.

How do you use electric pallet trucks safely?

Electric pallet trucks are safe to use if you are trained to safely operate them and are familiar with how the unit operates.

Training and certification are both important- to familiarize the user with everything he needs to know, including safety measures.

Adhering to truckload capacity is one way of ensuring you do not damage the unit.

Awareness of the work floor and making sure there are no obstacles or impediments while you are driving the unit can prevent hazards and accidents.

Some operators have separate spotters to assist when they have no clear visibility of the unit, or something is obstructing the view.

What is the life span of electric pallet jacks?

An electric pallet jack’s life expectancy will depend on your usage.

How you maintain your equipment plays an important role as well.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks usually have a life span of 10,000 hours.

They are ultra-durable and fitted with tools that minimize the need for excessive maintenance.

Are our electric pallet trucks eco-friendly?

Most electric pallet truck manufacturers adhere to safety and standard rules in regards to a safe environment.

CUBLIFT manufactures and assembles all the parts in their plants to ensure recycling and decreased waste production.

Are our electric pallet trucks worth investing in?

Electric pallet trucks, like any other equipment used in loading, stacking, and moving, are always worth investing in.

Electric pallet trucks make the job easier, a lot quicker, and increases productivity.

Most electric pallet trucks are with tools and features that enhance their capability to best serve your needs.

CUBLIFT, one of the best manufacturers in China, is continuously innovating its forklifts and pallet jacks, in addition to providing you with extremely durable, sophisticated, and streamlined equipment.

Are our electric pallet jacks cost-effective?

Electric pallet prices vary with every brand model.

They are more expensive than manual pallet jacks, but that is justified by how they work and what they can offer you.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is cost-effective, its price can be pricier compared with some electric pallet brands, but CUBLIFT’s price is relative, the way to put it is if you calculate the cost of using manual labor, production yield, and work time, it’ll end up costing you more than if you use electric pallet trucks.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks are built from the toughest reinforced metal, streamline design, and with all the tools and features you need, guaranteed to increase productivity while immensely cutting the work time immensely.

Can you use electric pallet jacks in any type of terrain?

Most electric pallet jacks can be driven to most kinds of terrain.

The best way to ensure this is to make sure your pallet is carrying the right load capacity.

Over-loaded pallets may topple and create accidents, it can ruin your palette jack as well.

The wheels play an important part too; not all-electric pallet jacks are equipped with wheels that can handle all kinds of floor surfaces and terrains.

A CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is fitted with a LED light scale that weighs the load to make sure you are carrying the right amount of load.

CUBLIFT makes sure all their forklifts and pallet trucks are fitted with durable Nylon/Polyurethane wheels that can handle any kind of terrain, and all kinds of work surfaces.

CUBLIFT electric pallet jacks also come with a backrest to stabilize the pallet, eliminating the risk of accidents and hazards.

Why is CUBLIFT electric pallet jack the best choice?

CUBLIFT, a manufacturer in China has been in the industry for decades now. It has been in the business of providing tough and top-of-the-line pallet stackers, pallet jacks, forklifts, pallet jacks, and other equipment.

CUBLIFT makes sure it caters to all the consumer wants and needs by providing only the best and innovative equipment.


  • “It can be said that CUBLIFT is a responsible company and we have a happy cooperation. In our first meeting, they gave us a big discount under the premise of ensuring the quality of warehouse equipment.

    We thank their wonderful staff who understood us and deliver the equipment that improved the way we used to do business.”

    Sasha Allwood - Distribution Manager




Electric Pallet Jack Forklift Vimage 23 Are you looking for heavy-duty equipment to move palletized goods and general low-level lifting in your warehouse or factory? What you need is a CUBLIFT electric pallet jack, a top-rated product in most parts of the world. This Chinese forklift product is an essential tool in material handling in the warehouse.

Electric Pallet Jack QC icon Electric Pallet Jack QC icon2 Electric Pallet Jack QC icon3 Electric Pallet Jack QC icon4 Electric Pallet Jack QC icon6 Electric Pallet Jack QC icon7

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack uses forks, wheels, and the throttle to move forward or backward. The throttle provides operators with significant control over the pallets’ movement and, in extension, ensuring safety.Electric Pallet Jack Forklift Vimage (40)

This premium jack also includes a scale to measure the weight of the package to be moved. It provides better control in handling the weighed pallets. The scale helps eliminate a significant amount of risks associated with operating an electric pallet jack by ensuring only the right amount of weight is on the jack.

The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is known for the robustness and high performance. It is a multifunctional electric pallet jack with a scale that has a minimum error of 0.1%. It can handle pallets that weigh up to 2,000kg/4,400lbs.

This electric pallet jack has a variety of fork widths and lengths. The wheel is made from polyurethane to make it adaptable to different working conditions and diverse terrains. It is the perfect electric pallet jack for that complex warehouse space with a delicate outlay and various classes, grades, and sizes of goods.

You can also get a customized electric pallet jack from CUBLIFT, depending on your preference. All of which have outstanding robustness and quality build. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack is affordable and very efficient in moving materials to the different warehouses or factory sections. It also offers excellent resistance against moisture and dust.

For more details and inquiries about the CUBLiFT electric pallet jack, get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to info@cublift.com

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