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Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT Manufactures & Supplies Superb Drum Lifter Trucks since 1999

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Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT offers you certified, selected drum lifter trucks to load/unload drums from pallets/ground effortlessly

  • Load Capacity kg: 500kg
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump
  • Finish: Powder-Coated colors vary
  • Operating: manual or electric options
  • Rotation Angle: 360 degrees
  • Type: plastic drum lifter & steel drum lifter options

Backed by CUTLiFT exceptional warranty, unmatched technique support, and more!

Drum Lifter DLM-520HO

Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520
Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
Fork width(mm): 640/800
Over size(mm): 1620*980*1880
Wheel type/size(mm): PU/Nylon 150
Turning Radius (mm): 1350
Weight(kg): 340/400
Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Drum Lifter DLM-350

Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520
Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
Fork width(mm): 640/800
Over size(mm): 1620*980*1880
Wheel type/size(mm):  150
Turning Radius (mm): 1350
Weight(kg): 340/400
Tilting: Manual/Electric
Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Drum Lifter DLE-420

● Model: DLE-420
● Capacity(kg): 420
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1560*980*1860
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1650
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

Drum Lifter List List DBH-350U

● Model: DBH-350U
● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 450
● Fork width (mm): 700
● Over size (mm): 920*920*1130
● Wheel PU (type) size: 150
● Weight (kg): 60

Drum Lifter List DBH-450U

● Model: DBH-450U
● Capacity (kg): /450
● Height Max (mm): /600
● Fork width (mm): 700
● Over size (mm): 920*920*1130
● Wheel PU (type) size: 150/125
● Weight (kg): 120

Drum Lifter DBM-350

● Model: DBM-350
● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 260
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1120*740*990
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125
● Weight (kg): 140
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/12AH

Drum Lifter List DBM-300B

● Model: BMQ-103/1118
● Capacity(kg):300/500
● Height Max (mm):1500
● Height Min (mm) 90士2
● Fork overall length (mm): 680/850
● Voltage:24V/32Ah/24V/20Ah
● Charging Time(Hour):4~5
● Recharger:200V/5A

Drum Lifter List List DBH-350C

● Drum Pallet Jack Model: DBH-350C
● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 200/250
● Fork width (mm): 700
● Over size (mm): 1000*780*800
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125/180
● Weight (kg): 60

Drum Lifter List list DBH-450HO

● Model: DBH-450HO
● Capacity (kg): 450
● Height Max (mm): –
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1450*700*850
● Wheel : PU/Rubber/Air-filled
● Weight (kg): 23

Drum Lifter For Forklift

● Model:DG-300C
● Capacity(kg):300
● Drum Numble:1
● Size:1190*940*920
● Weight (kg)60/66
● Tilting: Manual/Electric  CUB = Download

Drum Lifter DG-720

● Model: DG-HO
● Capacity(kg): 360/720/1000/1500/2000
● Drums: 1/2/3/4/6/8
● Size (mm): 810*670*815~2210*1030*745
● Weight (kg): 45/52~155/207 CUBLiFT PDF

55 Gallon Drum Lifter Forklift

● Model: DG-V
● Capacity(kg): 2000/3000/4000
● Drums: 4/6/8
● Size (mm): 1250*960*830~185*960*830
● Weight (kg): 320~410

CUBLiFT : Your Premier Drum Lifter Manufacturer in China

Drum Lifter forklift DESC (8)CUBLiFT is a leading manufacturer of Drum Lifter based in China. It is a one-stop solution to all your drum handling needs. CUBLiFT Drum Lifters are manufactured to the highest quality. At CUBLiFT we offer you a variety of Drum Lifters for both steel, plastic, and fiber drums lifting.

Drum Lifter QC icon7 Drum Lifter QC icon1 Drum Lifter QC icon2 Drum Lifter QC icon3 Drum Lifter QC icon4 Drum Lifter QC icon5 Drum Lifter QC icon6

CUBLiFT provides both manual and electrical Drum Lifter. With CUBLiFT you get Drum Lifter for various applications. At CUBLiFT there is a Drum handling solution for lifting, transporting, turning, and rotating drums.

CUBLiFT drum lifter is designed to help you lift your drum with ease. It is engineered with carbon steel to give it strength for lifting and durability. CUBLiFT drum lifter has a drum capacity of 55gallons. It lifts a load of 200-300kg to a. vertical height of 0.5 m. CUBLiFT drum lifter will help you handle plastic, steel, and fiber drums.

CUBLiFT Drum Lifter is Ideal for loading drums onto and off the vehicle or raised table. You can choose a vertical drum lifter and vertical drum lifter and other drum lifters as per your needs.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Manual Plastic Drum Lifter
Metal Drum Lifting – Manual Drum Lifter
Plastic Drum Lifter and Tilter


Drum Lifter — The Complete FAQ Article

Operations that involve high lifting or loading of drums from distance to distance require a drum lifter.Plastic Drum Lifter Video

Drum lifter features strong shipping and storing cylindrical modules that are suitable for applications requiring a low-profile or standard lifter.

This FAQ guide will help you understand the way CUBLIFT manufacture top-quality drum lifter and offer its services internationally.

Moreover, it will also clarify everything related to drum lifter and will offer you the knowledge that is useful before buying it.

What Is A Drum Lifter?

A standard trolly that is useful in the handling of drums in industrial or warehouse environments is known as a drum lifter.Scale Drum Lifter DH1A

The drum lifters can be low-profile that allows them to transfer drums by maintaining a low-profile, and it also can be heavy-duty.

The drum lifter is mostly suitable for lifting drums weight approx.—350 kg. However, the drum lifter is able to even carry drums up to 450kg.

Furthermore, drum lifters are based on a simple mechanism that features simple and easy positioning.

The most interesting thing about drum lifter is its ability to reach heights up to 2500mm and will help you reach most platforms and surfaces with extreme ease.

The drum lifters are mostly manufactured using high-quality and industrial-grade steel to maximize performance.

Figure 1 – The General Structure of a Drum Lifter


What are the Types of Drum Lifter?

A drum lifter is the standard mechanical equipment that is capable of handle any type, shape, and size of drums.Mobile Drum Lifter DH5

The drum lifter offers us a safer, healthier, and more efficient workplace through its extensive ability to drum lifting without time-wasting and in a cost-effective manner.

A drum lifter is designed to lift and transport drums or barrels of various sizes and weights.

Furthermore, it also can tilt or rotate drums and can support different sizes.

The following are some types of drum lifters:

  • Forklift Attachment
  • Mobile Drum Lifter
  • Below-Hook Drum Handler
  • Drum Rotator

These drum lifter types define the ways they can interact with drums or barrels.

Each drum lifter type gives you some unique benefits through its exceptional way to interact with drums.

What are the Applications of Drum Lifter?

In general, the drum lifter is known for its exceptional ability to handle drums in a perfect way.

Drum lifter’s handling capability of any type of drums with its dual safety locking is well suited for applications requiring utmost handling of drums.

The following are some common applications of drum lifter:

  • Drum lifting, shifting, tilting, staging
  • Drum rotation up to 360-degree
  • Drum handling, weighting, transportation, and dispensing
  • Barrel Dumping

Moreover, Oil and Gas industry has more uses for drum lifters than any other.

It’s a key resource for transporting oil containers for a successful movement in external or internal environments.

Is Drum Lifter Right for You?

It is based on your needs and what amount of outcome you are expecting from it.

There are numerous signs that clarify its importance in your environment.Fully Electric Vertical Drum Lifter Transporter DE1

In general, a drum lifter is designed and manufactured to transport, title, and rotate that drums of various sizes and weights.

Its drum handling system is the best, and nothing can give you that much of a drum handling precision.

Drum lifter is able to operate in a busy and fast-paced work environment to complete the tasks rapidly in a cost-efficient manner.

Drum lifter improved ergonomic design can help increase your overall productivity.

What are the Benefits of Drum Lifter?

Drum lifter eases the handling of drums and barrels in your work environment in a cost-effective manner.Manual Drum Lifter DH4

Drum lifter offers you the ultimate performance of drum lifting and transportation.

Drum lifter is quick, easy to operate, and environment friendly. Furthermore, the drum lifter has the following benefits:

  • It simplifies the tasks related to drum lifting
  • Provide additional security
  • Eco-friendly and pollution-free
  • Offers exceptional durability
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Improved ergonomic design for achieving maximum performance
  • Injury-proof and safer
  • Reduce overall effort and resources involves in drum handling
  • Can lift, handle, push, and pull barrels/drums with great precision
  • Reduce the risk of material damage

Additionally, it has many secondary benefits based completely on your requirements and needs.


How is Drum Lifter Designed for Industry?

Drum lifter has many industrial uses involving some that require extreme power and the ability to handle heavier drums with utmost precision.Hydraulic Boom Drum Lifter DHQ

Drum lifters can handle extreme weights and can reach extreme lifting heights as well as even can be low-profile.

Drum lifters are basically designed and manufactured with the industrial environment in mind.

Drum lifters can have many types, and each type offers something unique like their working mechanism.

For example, the spring-loaded clamp of a standard drum lifter can give you the ability to secure the hold on any type of rimmed drum.

Furthermore, it requires little effort to operate that is well appreciated in the industrial environment.

Figure 6 – A perfectly Designed Drum Lifter for Industrial Use

How Drum Lifter Offers Easy Operations?

Unlike any other drum handling equipment, a drum lifter is proven the most useful.

The general model of drum lifter is hydraulic based with a jaw grab functionality.Hydraulic Vertical Vertical Drum Lifter dumper DH7

Jaw grab is mostly positioned on the top rim and began to pump up the drum with the hydraulic mechanism.

The drum lifter’s easy operation makes it ideal for narrow environments features tight spaces.

Drum lifters also have a valve control handle for lowering the functional system.

What is the Importance of Spring-Loaded Jaw in Drum Lifter?

Spring-loaded jaws play an important part in the process of drum lifting and handling.

The automatic loading and loading of the drums and barrels can be performed through the drum lifter’s spring-loaded jaws.

The spring-loaded jaws provide a strong grip around the edges of the top drum rim.

Furthermore, the spring-loaded jaws of a low-profile drum lifter give you more stability because of its lower drum handling support.

Most importantly, spring-loaded jaws are considered the crucial part of a drum lifter and reduce any kind of risks involving in the drum transportation and handling processes.

Figure 8 – Spring-Loaded Jaw of a Standard Drum Lifter

What is the Ergonomic Design and Complete Control of a Drum Lifter?

At CUBLIFT, we believe that it’s important for a drum lifter to have an ergonomic design to give you complete control over it.

It’s a fact that the handling and controlling of a drum are based on its design and mechanism.

Furthermore, with a pair of fixed front and rear steering wheels, it’s easy to position the drum lifter.

The drum lifter positing and handling conveniently allows you to steer and propel the unit.

A perfect drum lifer design can give you an extra advantage in load capacity and security.

In order to have precision positioning, the low-level front wheels need to be perfectly aligned to the complete unit.

How to Measure Drum Lifter Quality?

The crucial part of a drum lifter is its structure and design. A perfect design can give you the quality and performance you are after.

This performance can be achieved and maintained with the best-manufactured drum lifter.

The following are some factors that can affect the overall quality of your drum lifter:

  • The material selection
  • The manufacturing method
  • The complete inspection
  • Packaging

Choosing these perfectly can give you an exceptional quality and performance drum lifter.

Determining the precision and manufacturing under tight tolerances can give you a guaranteed high-quality drum lifter.

Figure 10 – A Perfectly Manufactured Drum Lifter

How does Drum Lifter work?

In industries and warehouses, there are lots of activities that require heavy lifting on a regular basis.

Drum lifters are often used to fulfill this purpose. Picking, handling, and transporting drums in professional environments is the main purpose of a drum lifter.

However, there can be different types of drum lifters, but the working principle of every single one is the same.

There are few steps that can define the working principle of a drum lifter:

  1. A mobile drum lifter enables you to grab the drum/barrel with the jaw and lift it up with the help of a hydraulic system.
  2. With an electric drum lifter, this movement can be directed by a simple remote.
  • After adjusting the complete control, its ergonomic handles help you have perfect control over its movement.

In the end, after reaching the target location, the pressure in hydraulic pumps is release, and the drum starts to descend.

How Drum Lifter Contributes to Health and Safety?

Transportation of industrial-scale drums can be a challenging activity, and performing it manually also can be critically dangerous.

That’s where the drum lifter offers you the ease of drum transportation in the industrial environment.

Drum lifters are able to handle hazardous materials such as toxic or flammable industrial chemicals container or barrels that adds additional complexity in their movement.

With the help of a drum lifter, you can maintain a safe distance from toxic/flammable chemicals containers and can transport them in a standard way.

Drum lifter is also known to be ergonomic and injury prone as well as reduce back strain, repetitive stress injuries, and wasteful damage or spillage.

What is the Drum Lifter Handling?

The most important feature of a drum lifter is its handling mechanism.

Handling extremely heavy and dangerous drums to great heights for a long time is a difficult operation.

However, the drum lifter performs this operation and offers you easy lifting through its ergonomic structure that is designed to handle drums.

There are many drum lifter mechanisms to handle barrels are drums, and some of the modern ones are the following:

  • Standard Clamps
  • Electric Rotation Unit with Scissor Clamp

Figure 13 – Drum Lifter’s Electronic Rotation Unit with Scissor Clamp Attachment

  • Electric Linear Clamp with Electric Tipping Unit

Figure 13 – Drum Lifter’s Electric Linear Clamp with Electric Tipping Unit Attachment

  • Electric Rotation Unit with Electric Linear Clamp

Figure 13 – Drum Lifter’s Electric Rotation Unit with Electric Linear Clamp Attachment

  • Electric Rotation Unit with Platform

Figure 13 – Drum Lifter’s Electric Rotation Unit with Platform Attachment

  • Simple Platform

Figure 13 – Drum Lifter’s Simple Platform Attachment

With several drum handling attachments, the drum lifter becomes more durable, safer, and dependable.

These attachments can be spring-loaded jaws and eliminate the injuries from losing drum handling.

Do You Offer Drum Lifter Customization?

Easy drum lifting through a standard and perfect drum lifter for your needs can enable you to complete the task safely and efficiently.

All drum lifters need to be ergonomically designed and perfectly manufactured to get a cost-effective and high-performance drum lifter for your needs.

At CUBLIFT, we offer you the complete customization option for your drum lifters.

From the material selection to manufacturing and detailed inspection, CUBLIFT enables you to set the method/value that is most useful to you.

Moreover, through CUBLIFT, you can have the perfect custom design for your drum lifter that can carry the amount of maximum weight you preferred.

How is Drum Lifter a Safe and Productive Choice?

The easy lifting mechanism of the drum lifter offers you the ease of handling any type of drum for various industries and applications.

Through its easy lifting and with maximum handling performance in mind, drum lifters are manufactured to be safe and productive.

Drum lifter requires little to no maintenance and can be and enhance the worker’s comfort and your overall industrial productivity.

By eliminating the chances of accidents complete through its exceptional handling, the drum lifter is safer and can save a lot of time.

Saving the time of operations through its fast drum transportation can also be extremely productive for your industry.

What is the Quality Control of a Drum Lifter?

The drum lifter must be quality controlled in order to ensure its maximum reliability and satisfaction.

The manufactured drum lifters must comply with the latest industrial quality control standards.

In order to confirm your drum lifter is completely standardized, a complete inspection is performed.

At CUBLIFT, with years of reliable service, we offer the best drum lifter services to our customers internationally.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT accomplishes its objective that offers quality handling that enhances your environment operations with incredible speed.

CUBLIFT chooses the standard industrial-grade raw materials for its drum lifter manufacturing and delivers you after a complete inspection.

How CUBLIFT Increases the Drum Lifter Performance?

At CUBLIFT, our 15+ years of experience with skilled staff exactly knows how to increase the overall drum lifter quality and performance.

The ergonomic design of drum lifter eliminates the need for any additionally accessory for it and can access the areas that are difficult to access from any other means

CUBLIFT can increase the overall quality of your drum lifter by:

  1. Increasing the performance of spring-loaded jaws or also called universal drum catch:


CUBLIFT, make sure that your drum catch is precisely manufactured and has tight tolerance to maximize its performance.


Increasing the quality of grabbing jaws also increases your drum lifter’s suitability for many types of drums and barrels.

Figure 17 – Precision Manufactured Spring-Loaded Jaws for Drum Lifter

  1. The right choice of materials: Material selection is a major consideration that can affect the quality of your drum lifter.


For example, the use of stainless steel can give you the corrosion resistance and performance you probably expected from your drum lifter.

Figure 17 – The Standard Steel and Stainless-Steel Options for Drum Lifter

  • The drum lifter steering: Achieving the tight turning circle of your drum lifter, it’s very important that your steering parts are perfectly manufactured.

Figure 17 – Precise Movement Control Through Drum Lifter Handles

  1. Selection of the right hydraulic system for your drum lifter: At CUBLIFT, our hydraulic systems are clean and reliable, and during its manufacturing, our team of engineer’s tests and inspects every pump to measure its:
    • Quality
    • Performance
    • Smoothness
    • Effectiveness

Figure 17 – Counterbalanced Manual Hydraulic System for a Standard Drum Lifter

  1. Selection of chemical-resistant wheels for your drum lifter: The premium wheel performance only can be achieved through the selection of chemical-resistant wheels, so it also can be used on smooth surfaces.

Figure 17 – The Drum Lifter Wheels for Premium Performance

  1. Drum suitability: There is a wide variety of drum lifters is available to choose from.


Furthermore, drum lifters can be of many types and sizes, so choosing the right one for your application is a crucial step, and in order to achieve the right services, your requirements must be clear.


Moreover, your requirements from custom drum lifter manufacturing must contain the following:

  • Load capacity
  • Maximum reachable height
  • Drum compatibility
  • Drum gripping catch
  • Lift stroke
  • Under-drum clearance
  • Lifting system
  • Surface finish
  • Wheels type and material
  • Material preferred
  • Overall weight

Figure 17 – The Ability of a Drum Lifter to handle Barrels of Different Sizes

What are the Technical Specifications of Drum Lifter?

Drum lifter is exceptionally durable when it comes to lifting barrels/drums in an industrial or warehouse environment.

Drum lifter can have different technical specifications and values based on your personal needs.

However, the following are some standard ones:

  • Safe working load of up to 400kg
  • Manual hydraulic lift of up to 20 inches
  • Steel or stainless steel as the material for drum lifter manufacturing
  • Tight tolerance of +/- 0.01mm for grabbing jaws
  • Fixed direction front wheel
  • Wheels must be aluminum centered with polyurethane tires
  • Simple design with one-person operation
  • Manual handling mechanism

In case you have your technical specifications for your drum lifters, CUBLIFT can help manufacture exactly what is required.

How CUBLIFT offers the Best Drum Lifter?

CUBLIFT is a well-known drum lifter manufacturer from China that offers its services internationally.

With the right manufacturing process, you can achieve the maximum flexibility, reliability, and ergonomic design of your drum lifter.

In order to meet all the industrial needs, drum lifters must be suitable for highly regulated and sterilized environments.

CUBLIFT’s drum lifter manufacturing process is optimized and offers cost-effective solutions that can increase your overall productivity.

What is the Importance of Handling in Drum Lifter?

Offering maximum drum lifter handling must be the prime responsibility of every drum lifter manufacturer.

The handling of the drum lifter is mostly based on its safety, comfort, and ergonomics.

Through drum lifter manufacturing process optimization and efficiency, you can have a cost-effective solution with maximum handling based on your needs.

Drum lifter handling can be increased through the following:

  • The drum lift design optimization
  • Material selection and manufacturing approach
  • Detailed inspection
  • Achieving tighter tolerances

Its design by following the standards for maximum strain limits applied to the body also can increase the overall handling of the drum lifter.

Figure 20 – The Drum Lifter Lifting Mechanism That Improves its Handling

How to Order Drum Lifter?

At CUBLIFT, it is our ambition to always do our best with our technologically enhanced and state-of-the-art machinery and satisfy our customers by any means.

CUBLIFT made it very easy to order your drum lifters from China.

Our standard drum lifter model designs have the potential to meet your every need.

With the high-quality custom design, our standard services or custom services, which you can get after contacting CUBLIFT, will serve you well.

You can get our services and order your drum lifter in the following way:

  • Go to our website and enter your personal information along with your custom needs
  • Read our terms of service and other conditions before partnering with us for your satisfaction
  • In case you want custom options, then contact CUBLIFT; otherwise, search the website for different models
  • After finalization, clear the payment, and CUBLIFT will start the manufacturing process
  • After detailed inspection and packaging, CUBLIFT will ship your package to your given address

What are the Features of Drum Lifter?

Drum lifter can have many features, and sometimes the majority of them based on their size and capabilities.

However, some of its features are also based on your specific needs.

Handling, tilting, and lifting drums have never been so easy and fast before.

Every business has its unique situation and wants a unique solution.

The following are some features of drum lifters that are general, and you can easily have in every model:

  • Easy and effortless handling
  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum performance
  • Robust and rigid configuration
  • Hydraulic based and can handle up to 400kg of weight
  • Mechanical operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimum quality with durable standards

Moreover, the maximum lifting height and supportable drum size are based on the drum lifter model.

As well as, its dimension and weight are also mattering mostly for the manual operations.

Figure 22 – Different Drum Lifter Models with Different Features and Attachments

What are the Design Capabilities of Drum Lifter?

Drum lifters are a simple solution for precise and cost-effectively handling drums and transporting them in safe manners.

A perfectly manufactured drum lifter can have the following capabilities:

  • Lifting capacity to 600kg
  • Lifting heights to 1200mm
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Acid-Resistant
  • Stainless steel build
  • Any level of surface finish
  • Simple design with enhanced functionality
  • Completely customizable

Figure 23 – Drum Lifter Capability to Handle Various Types of Drums/Barrels of Different Sizes

How Much Drum Lifter Costs?

A standard drum lifter can cost you from $100 to $1000 based on its functionality and purpose.

There are many factors that can affect the price of a drum lifter, and the following are some of them:

  • Design
  • Mechanism
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Height
  • Length
  • Width

At CUBLIFT, our drum lifter manufacturing process is fully optimized means that we waste little to no material, power, and resources, which automatically decreases the overall price.

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